The Wish Fairy

The Wish Fairy books are all about a little girl named Hope. She lives in Upstate New York with her Mom. She is a country girl with an active imagination and a firm believer in magic. You will also come to know her  as a  good friend of Misty, a sometimes not-so -perfect, always-getting-into-trouble kind of fairy. Whenever Misty is in trouble she goes to Hope for help.

These books have a magical message of friendship, family & life lessons expressed within each story.

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Misty is a fairy who lives under the wildflower field. She wants nothing more than to spend her life granting wishes. But first, she must prove to the Council of Fairies that she is up to the job. In order to do this she needs to find a way to prove to the villagers living above her Kingdom that magic does exist. But how will she do it? She calls upon her human friend Hope to help.


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In the Basket of Wishes, after losing and finding her wish basket, the Wish Fairy Misty is asked to grant one of her most important wishes yet. She will need to fly to Italy and find a way to rebuild a bakery destroyed by fire. in time for a very important wedding. This may be a wish that she is unable to grant – but with help from her friends, who knows?


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When Misty the Wish Fairy goes missing, her friend Hope knows that it is important to find her – and fast! This turns out to be one of the most exciting adventures for Misty & Hope. A strange cottage, a dragon and a small boy all add to the mystery. Where is Misty and will Hope find her?


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In this wonderful Christmas tale, Misty and Hope join together to find the Christmas Star that Misty misplaces. This adventure takes them to the North Pole to visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Does Noel, the little girl who asks Misty for a wish, get her Christmas miracle? And who knows, maybe Hope will get a special wish too.


In this exciting Valentine’s Day story, although miles apart, Misty and Hope join together to deliver a very special valentine to a dad who is also a doctor in the U.S. military.   This adventure takes Misty to a far away military hospital that has been destroyed by a horrible storm. While trying to find the doctor and grant the wish from his daughter, Misty finds herself in serious danger!   Will she be able to grant the wish and get home safely?  Or will she find herself in more trouble than she can handle without her friend Hope close by?
Katie, a ten year old girl who lives in the United States, calls upon her Wish Fairy to help her and her mom go to Ireland to visit her aging grandparents, who she never met. But when this wish appears in Misty’s basket, the Queen of the Fairies firmly reminds Misty that she cannot give or use money to grant a wish. What will she do? In order to grant this worthy wish, Katie and her mom would have to travel all the way across the ocean. Misty calls upon her friend Hope to help her come up with a plan to grant this special wish. Will Hope and Misty be able to carry out their plan and grant the wish for Katie? Or will someone or something try to stop them and ruin everything?